A postgraduate in Multimedia Journalism, Rodney, has always drawn to sports. Growing up he followed multiple sports and was very active in Taekwondo beyond cricket. Rodney also is an avid multimedia creator and photographer. He is a regular commentator on social causes and enjoys listening to jazz music in leisure.

Akshay is a multitasker and this helped him to enjoy multiple spots while growing up. A student of law, he loves to travel. Akshay's love of the sports of cricket is similar to any other youth growing in India. Akshay also enjoy eating Chinese food and listening to music.

Jaswant is a millennial who enjoy sports as an extension of life at large. Sports taught him to stay focussed at goals. He likes to pen his thoughts every now and then and thats where the writer comes out in Jaswant. Jaswant is fascinated by tech and computers and wis to study them further.