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Cricket News Team

These are the talented journalists that make possible. Through their unrivalled passion for cricket, our team have come together to help create an information resource for cricket fans across the globe. Based out of India a country known for its cricket talents our team works tirelessly to bring you the best content.

  • Cricket News Design Team

    Cricket News Design Team

    The talented creatives responsible for all you see on site. When not actively updating the site, the design studio will be working up countless designs.... between countless cups of coffee!
  • The Cricket News Team

    The Cricket News Team

    The Cricket News Team are the cogs and brains... (okay largely cogs :) ) that make everything you see in front of you work! Between 100 overs, 300 wickets and 600 cups of coffee, you can rest assured that the Cricket News Team always do their best to ensure you have an informative, and efficient visit. Above all else we hope you enjoy reading what our team of journalists tirelessly produce 24/7 and keep coming back for more. If you have any feedback about how site (good or bad!) please do not hesitate in contacting us at [email protected]
  • Manish Thapa

    Manish Thapa

    Having worked in a number of sectors both public and private, Manish is following his passion of cricket by overseeing the operations of As well as leading the journalists, Manish also looks after partner and advertising liaison too. You can contact him at [email protected]
  • Prasenjit Dey

    Prasenjit Dey

    Prasenjit Dey is freelance cricket journalist based out of Kolkata, India. Cricket runs through his veins and writing has always been his passion. He is now a part of both worlds, trying to make a difference by writing on the nitty-gritty of the game.
  • Rohit Sankar

    Rohit Sankar

    Rohit Sankar is a freelance cricket journalist stuck in a love-hate live-in relationship with the game. To rile him up, mention the 1999 World Cup semi-final. Rohit has been writing about cricket for well over 10 years now, and has written for a variety of news and sports outlets over this time.
  • Sandipan Banerjee

    Sandipan Banerjee

    Sandipan Banerjee is a senior cricket journalist with experience stretching across more than a decade. Having founded a number of cricket information resources and prior experience of working in big-ticket events like ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL and ICC Champions' Trophy; he joined the team at in 2019 to provide strategic guidance and to assume a brand ambassador role as principal correspondent. Due to Sandipan’s commitment towards the game, it’s safe to assume that if India are involved in a Test, ODI or a T20I, he’ll be there covering the match!
  • Sarah Waris

    Sarah Waris

    This postgraduate in English Literature from Kolkata has taken on the tough task of limiting the mystic world of cricket to a few hundred words. A firm believer that Kohli is a wizard with the willow, she spends her time awaiting the next Indian spring triumph.
  • Shreyasi Talukdar

    Shreyasi Talukdar

    A Masters in Mass Communication is following her passion for cricket through writing. Primarily a PR person who loves to write absolutely anything and everything about cricket.
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