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GoodGamer have partnered with to bring the incredible world of fantasy sports a brand-new offering via our very own cricket community!

The 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has enthralled us all. In the new normal, the new way of life for every Indian cricket fan involves prepping for yet another day of work from home, watching the IPL, eat, sleep and repeat – but another dimension to the experience of being a cricket fan is fantasy sport and GoodGamer has brought a unique proposition to the table

GoodGamer is India’s first Daily Fantasy Sports and true Esports gaming platform. To make it an even more exciting proposition, GoodGamer has partnered with  an association to bring forward a top-of-the line fantasy gaming experience to the viewers.

Here’s how you can be a part of the experience and win big every week.

How to download the GoodGamer app

The GoodGamer app can be downloaded from their official website, by simply clicking on the ‘download app’ option.

User experience

The platform is user-friendly and has close to none technical glitches in spite of it being actively used by the masses. GoodGamer predictions are invested in Cricket but the platform are soon to include football in the process as well.

World's first cricket prop contests have finally arrived!

How to invest and win

The user account is credited with 1000 coins post sign up. For daily check-in bonus, 1000 coins are rewarded on the first day of app usage.

The user has the option to either play and win every day by either participating in the GoodGamer fantasy contests or create contests of their own.

Users can earn additional money by signing up for GoodGamer’s Refer-a-Friend program. The Refer-a-Friend program allows a user to earn up to ₹100 Cash Bonus for each referral and a 5% Cash Bonus on a friend’s deposit up to a ₹1000 Cash Bonus.

The easy to share the contest link option via Facebook, WhatsApp, or by copying the link makes it even easier to engage about your contests with your friends and loved ones.

How the GoodGamer App Works

Variety of contests

Fantasy sports is such a huge world in itself now and there is an ever-growing participant demand for breaking the monotony. GoodGamer has done an amazing job of doing that by introducing a variety of contests to its users. One can choose between the big prize-big pool fantasy contests or go for a head to head one-on-one face-off. Another exciting showdown is the ‘winner takes all’ contest. ‘Top 50% win’, ‘Everyone wins’, ‘contest for champions’, beginners special, there is a lot on the platter served to you when you download the GoodGamer app.

No complex withdrawal process

For a seamless withdrawal of your winnings, GoodGamer has provided a swift process of verification from mobile and with details of your email and PAN, you can get the transfer done.

Overall, with the kind of race we are witnessing in the fantasy gaming market. One in which the user deserves to get the best and the easiest ways to win, GoodGamer is certainly the best place to put your faith in. Especially if you are new to the world of fantasy sports and esports.

What’s more from

For every IPL game, the highly experienced experts of the team will provide fantasy previews and tips to the users through the website and social media platforms. For daily fantasy tips, users can also join the telegram group. So expert analysis and tips coupled with cutting edge fantasy gaming platform calls for an even bigger IPL 2020.