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Kings XI Punjab lodge appeal against umpire’s short run call to match referee

Kings XI Punjab have lodged an appeal against on-field umpire Nitin Menon’s short run call which costed them dear in their opening match of IPL 2020 against Delhi Capitals. The incident has been reported to the match referee, Javagal Srinath.

The call pertains to the 19th over of Punjab innings when Mayank Agarwal drove a full-toss from Rabada to deep extra cover and converted the opportunity into an easy two. But Nitin Menon who was the square-leg umpire signaled one run short. Which was later all over the social media as the television replays suggested that Chris Jordan’s bat was clearly inside the crease before he started his run for the second. With Punjab falling one run short of completing their chase and Delhi winning it in the super over, it was expected that a call would be taken on the incident that took place in the Dubai Cricket Stadium on Sunday.

“We have appealed to the match referee,” a sources within KXIP told PTI on Monday. “While a human error can happen and we understand that, there is no room for human errors like these in world-class tournaments like the IPL. This one could cost us a playoff berth. A loss of a game is a loss of a game. It is unfair. I hope the rules are reviewed so that there is no margin for human error.”

Earlier during the day, it was confirmed by an official of the IPL Governing Council to the ANI that the team skipper has the right to bring the umpire’s error to the notice of the match referee. Once the matter reached the match referee, governing council will take a call on it.

“The process is that the team reports the matter through the captain and team manager. After that, we assess it as the governing council. The match referee also puts in his report wherein he can mention the same,” he said.

The official further added, “Whether this would have changed what happened is difficult to say as the strike would have changed and Mayank was hitting the ball sublimely and the change of strike could have thrown that out of gear.”

As far as the on-field call is concerned as per the playing conditions of both ICC and IPL, the umpire can use the assistance of the third umpire only in cases of possible dismissal or unclear boundary decisions. So there was no way that umpire Nitin Menon could’ve reached out to the third umpire for a second opinion.

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