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Virat Kohli answers questions about South Africa to

Sandipan Banerjee, news correspondent for attended the press conference with Virat Kohli ahead of the 1st T20I between India v South Africa, where he asked Virat Kohli about the current South Africa team.

Sandipan Banerjee: Virat, talking about this particular series with South Africa. This is a different South Africa team from the ones that have done well in India in the recent past. Looking at the venues where the T20 series will be played, this team can pull a surprise, so how are you looking at this particular team? This new look South African team?

Virat Kohli: Yeah look any team can pull a surprise anywhere. We have beaten sides in their home condition also so, once you have the ability and the right mindset whether you play at home or overseas, you will find it very very difficult. If we take a good mindset to their country, they will find it difficult. If we take a good mindset to any country they also find it very difficult. So I think for us as a home team we have to be absolutely sure of our game plan. The way we prepare for a series where we have to be very very focussed it’s the same, international cricket nowadays it’s how your mindset is. It’s getting in to that frame of mind for us which is very important, and that’s why we’ve been if not the most probably one of the most contesting teams for teams for the last two or three years, and that’s the reason because we want to win every game. We want to win every game, wherever we play. Whether it’s home or away, any format, we just want to go out there and play our best cricket and win.

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