BCCI Issues Directive: Indian Cricketers Forbidden from Sharing Fitness Scores After Kohli's Social Media Post

Aug 25, 2023

BCCI Issues Directive: Indian Cricketers Forbidden from Sharing Fitness Scores After Kohli's Social Media Post Image

In an intriguing development, the management of the Indian cricket team has promptly directed all players not to publicly share their fitness ratings in response to a recent social media post by Virat Kohli. This choice was made in response to Kohli posting his yo-yo test score on his Instagram story, a move that angered the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) because such information is confidential. All players at the training camp in Alur, Bangalore, have allegedly been reminded as a result of the event to exercise discretion when discussing their fitness evaluations.

According to The Indian Express, BCCI officials voiced displeasure with Virat Kohli's disclosure of his yo-yo test results in public. The star player's zeal for disclosing his score did not align with the board's viewpoint on protecting confidential information. Players in the training camp were verbally informed about the BCCI's policy regarding the confidentiality of fitness scores, sources claim.

Kohli, who had previously posted his 17.2 on his Instagram story for the yo-yo test, expressed his happiness at finishing the challenge. The board's response, however, suggested that such activities were not valued.

The communication was confirmed by a BCCI representative, who said, "Players have been verbally advised to avoid sharing any confidential matter on social media channels. While in training, they are allowed to share images, however posting a score violates a contract provision.

The BCCI is currently concentrating on a six-day conditioning camp that began on Thursday and aims to get the players ready for upcoming engagements. On the first day of camp, a yo-yo test, a fitness assessment method, was administered. The Indian cricket board just revealed the team for the Asia Cup 2023, which includes veteran players like KL Rahul, Jasprit Bumrah, and Shreyas Iyer. For the competition, Hardik Pandya has been selected as the deputy captain.

Tilak Varma and Prasidh Krishna, two up-and-coming players, have drawn attention to the squad. While KL Rahul is currently recovering from a minor injury, he is anticipated to be fully healthy by the second or third Asia Cup games.

Ajit Agarkar, a former cricketer who is currently a team commentator, commented on the lineup and stated, "Shreyas Iyer is totally fit. KL Rahul has a minor ache, but it is anticipated that he will recover completely by the first or second game of the Asia Cup, if not sooner. Both had chronic wounds. Sanju is on the road for that reason. two players who are crucial to us.

The first match of the 2023 Asia Cup is set for August 30, 2023, and the championship game is scheduled for September 17, 2023. Pakistan and Sri Lanka will jointly host this edition of the event, with four games taking place in Pakistan and the remaining nine in Sri Lanka.