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CA imposes limitations on use of Australian players for IPL advertising 

Source: Twitter (IPL)

CA has stated not to include Australian players for IPL adverts of alcohol, fast food/fast food restaurants, tobacco or betting companies

Cricket Australia (CA) has imposed limitations on IPL franchises for the use of Australian players in advertising. 

A recent advisory from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to the IPL franchises quoting the CA, says, “a full team photo – for use only by the sponsors of the relevant IPL team in print media in India and any such photo should not involve or include the name or branding of a company primarily engaged in the business of alcohol, fast food/fast food restaurants, tobacco or betting.”

Apart from this, a few other restrictions have been put by the CA. Including no more than one player from a BBL side and a state team should be used in advertising campaigns.

“Cricket Australia has imposed the following restrictions on Franchisees’ use of Australian players in advertising and/or promotional materials: In any specific advertising or promotional activity featuring any Australian player (in any medium including TV, radio, press, outdoor, internet, point of sales or on-pack advertising), each Franchisee may only use: (a) no more than 1 Player who has a Central Contract with Cricket Australia; and/or; (b) no more than 1 Australian Player from the same Australian State; and (c) no more than 1 Australian Player from the same Big Bash team,” read the mail. 

“By way of example: A Franchisee may, subject to compliance with the remainder of these Player Regulations, the Player ID guidelines and the Player Contract, use three Australian players in any advertising material as long as no more than one has a Central Contract and all three are from different States and Big Bash teams.” 

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