Casemiro's Recklessness Leads to Eight-Game Ban; Urged to Learn Self-Control

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Thu, 16/03/2023
Casemiro's Recklessness Leads to Eight-Game Ban; Urged to Learn Self-Control
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Manchester United's Brazilian midfielder, Casemiro, has become a crucial player for the team, but his frequent suspensions due to disciplinary issues have become a cause for concern. Casemiro has been sent off twice this season, resulting in him being banned for a total of eight games. His absence has been felt by the team as they tend to struggle without him on the field. Manager Erik ten Hag has described him as Manchester United's most important signing since Eric Cantona.

Casemiro's disciplinary issues have been a new development in his career, as he has never been shown a straight red card in his previous nine seasons with Real Madrid and one season with Porto. He has, however, received two red cards this season in the Premier League, which has resulted in him being suspended for crucial matches.

Casemiro's absence has had a significant impact on the team's performance, as they have won 72% of matches and been unbeaten in 90% of matches in which he has started. In contrast, they have only won 53% of games in which he has not started. His role as an enforcer on the field is crucial for the team, but his disciplinary issues have become a liability for the team.

One potential reason for Casemiro's disciplinary issues is that he is being used more in attack, which is a new role for him. At Real Madrid, he was primarily used as a defensive midfielder, but at Manchester United, he is being asked to contribute more in attack. This has put more pressure on him, and he has been unable to cope with the added responsibility.

Manchester United will need to find a way to manage Casemiro's disciplinary issues to ensure that he remains available for crucial matches. His presence on the field is essential for the team's success, and they cannot afford to lose him for extended periods due to suspensions.