Fabinho on how Klopp ‘surprised’ him and nearly ruined his Brazil career

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Thu, 24/11/2022
Fabinho on how Klopp ‘surprised’ him and nearly ruined his Brazil career
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Although the majority of the Brazil team is now playing away from home, Fabinho is in a unique situation because he has never played for a side in the Brazilian league.

Due to this, the midfielder has had some difficulty joining the Brazilian national team. Our No. 3 has disclosed that Jurgen Klopp was relieved when his words to Tite (the coach of Brazil) were favourably accepted.

The former Monaco player, who has now received more opportunities for the national team, was given additional opportunities when our boss implied that the Brazilian coach hadn't actually watched the 29-year-old play.

It might have been a risky move, especially from the midfielder's perspective, but he was pleased with the outcome and spoke about this incident in an interview with UOL (translated):

"Klopp astonished me with a statement speaking directly to Tite after I had already attained a position at Liverpool and won several titles. I immediately thought, "dang! Strong!” I was anxious to see how Tite would respond, but thankfully he remained composed.

Klopp is older than I am, so I have no influence over what he says (laughs). He is well-known in football and is aware of the impact of his words. He is constantly concerned for his players, including their travels, attrition, and everything in between.

He had already discussed selection with me. I made it plain that I will always stand up for Brazil and its desire to participate in a World Cup. He comprehends. He claimed that he never defended the choice and that he is unaware of the emotion, but nonetheless claimed to have understood me.

Another example of how much our manager cares for his players and how he always stands up for them when he believes they are not being treated fairly.

It must be great to be his player and this is yet another example of what a great leader he is.