IND vs ZIM: KL Rahul credits team management for creating secure environment for players

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Thu, 18/08/2022
IND vs ZIM: KL Rahul credits team management for creating secure environment for players
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On his return from injury and as he prepares to lead the team against Zimbabwe, India's acting captain KL Rahul complimented the team management for creating an environment where players flourish rather than feeling uneasy about their position. 

Rahul will captain India in a three-match ODI series after missing three months of action due to a sports hernia and Covid-19. Only his second full series as captain will be underway when he steps onto the field on Thursday. 

"Even if you've been out for two months, people still remember all you've done over the past two to three years for the team and the country. 

In fact, players flourish in such a setting "On the eve of the first ODI against Zimbabwe, the Indian captain said.

The 30-year-old also discussed the significance of supporting talent. 

A player may become a great player in this type of environment, contributing to many more game-winning innings for his club, the coach claimed. 

"Having the support of the selectors, coach, and captain is crucial for a player. You feel so much more confident knowing that you have a clean head and can concentrate on what needs to be done. The player finds it simple to see that you have the support of your peers, " he added.

The 30-year-old also spoke on the importance of encouraging potential. 

In this kind of setting, a player might develop into a great player and help his team win many more games, according to the coach. 

"A player must have the backing of the selectors, coach, and captain. Knowing that you can focus on what has to be done with a clear head makes you feel lot more self-assured. It's clear to the athlete that you have the backing of your colleagues, "He added.

"I am not able to pretend to be someone else. If I do, I won't be honest with myself, my team, or the game. I try to be true to myself while letting the other players be who they want to be "said Rahul. 

"I can't even compare myself to these gentlemen; their accomplishments and figures in terms of what they have done for the nation are far superior, and I don't believe any name could be spoken in the same sentence. Since I played under him and learned a lot from him as a player, this is my second series in which I am serving as captain. Since you've been playing for so long, you'll be able to learn some positive traits from these players " he said.