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Former Australia batter Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor believes IPL will go on ahead of the T20 WC this year

Former Australian cricketer Mark Taylor acknowledged that their is a greater likelihood of the Indian Premier League edging out the Men’s T20 World Cup this year.

His logic was based on the fact that hosting a global event would be a logistic nightmare in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and also added that the cricket boards would be eager to look after their individual financial interests first.

“I think that’s the most likely scenario [postponement of T20 World Cup] because 15 teams planning to come to Australia between October and November, 45 matches over a proposed seven venues. In the world that we live in, international travel is going to be extremely difficult,” Taylor told Channel Nine Sports. “Fourteen days isolation before that makes it even harder. More than likely that event is not going ahead.

“So if the ICC were to postpone that event, that will open the door for the BCCI to say that ‘we will have our IPL in India’ which actually puts the onus back on individuals whether they want to travel rather than nations moving whole teams over to a certain country.”

A final decision on the future of this year’s T20 World Cup might not be taken till August but a clearer picture could emerge by May 28 when the ICC Board meets via a video conference to discuss the future of cricket.

With Australia also expected to host India for a Test series at the end of the year, Taylor believes that Cricket Australia could leverage the situation for their own monetary benefit.

“Cricket Australia will obviously want the T20 World Cup but at the same time will be working hard with India that if their players go there for IPL, they will want India to come to Australia for our summer of cricket next year, so there are lots of balls in the air,” Taylor said.

“Cricket in a way is fortunate with the timing. They have also now got some time to do some planning. I have no doubt that CA will now be thinking about IPL and maybe not the T20 World Cup. They want India here in this country.”

“That’s what they want and they are already talking about Adelaide Oval as a hub to maybe host all four Tests, I think it is feasible [logistically] and they’ve got a hotel attached to the ground…” he said.

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