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Shashank Manohar’s exit from ICC a good riddance: N Srinivasan

The International Cricket Council released a statement on Wednesday stating that Shashank Manohar will be stepping down from the chair and this development, according to Manohar’s long time adversary N Srinivasan, is a “good riddance”.

In a conversation with the Times of India, Srinivasan called out his former colleague’s decision to move to the ICC leaving the BCCI in the middle of a crisis in 2015 as a selfish decision.

“Ever since the new leadership has come into BCCI, Shashank knew he could not afford to represent India and use that as a vehicle for his convenience. He knew he had no chance (to continue) and therefore he has run away,” Srinivasan told TOI.

Srinivasan is also of the opinion that no other administrator has done more damage to Indian cricket than what Manohar did during his term.

“My personal view is he has done so much damage to Indian cricket that every person involved in Indian cricket will be happy (with his exit). He has hurt India’s finances in the game, has hurt India’s chances at the ICC, he has been anti-Indian and has reduced India’s importance in world cricket. He is running away now because he knows he will not get any bow from the Indian leadership. He has caused huge damage,” Srinivasan added.

BCCI’s revenue margins from the ICC took a serious hit when Manohar took over. The reason was the several policies he brought into action which ultimately went against BCCI’s interests.

After Jagmohan Dalmiya’s demise in 2015, Manohar came to the BCCI for a second stint and made India propose his name to the ICC chair. After moving to the ICC as chairman, he was involved in various tussles with the BCCI.

Srinivasan didn’t hold back anything as he called Manohar as a ‘Schemer’ as well for using the BCCI to get to the ICC and then using the ICC’s resources to attack the BCCI.

His exit is a relief to Indian cricket. Manohar could never stick around for a fight. In 2015, he left BCCI in the middle of its worst crisis. Now, he’s leaving the ICC in the middle of a pandemic. Personally, I am happy realising what has happened… that such a person is no more with ICC,” Srinivasan said.

Prasenjit Dey is freelance cricket journalist based out of Kolkata, India. Cricket runs through his veins and writing has always been his passion. He is now a part of both worlds, trying to make a difference by writing on the nitty-gritty of the game.

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