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South African cricketer Solo Nqweni tests positive for novel coronavirus

Solo Nqweni, a first-class cricketer from South Africa has been in ill health following the Guillan-Barre Syndrome since last July but has now tested positive for the novel coronavirus or COVID-19.

The 25-year-old all-rounder who was playing professional cricket at Aberdeenshire Cricket Club is in the intensive care unit and is being treated for his illness in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Nqweni is the third cricketer to have contracted the disease after Pakistan’s Zafar Sarfraz and Scotland’s Majid Haq.

“So last year I got GBS, and have been battling this disease for the past 10 months and I’m only half way through my recovery. I got TB, my liver failed and my kidney failed. Now today I tested positive for corona virus. I don’t understand why all of this is happening to me,” Nqweni tweeted.

Nqweni played for South Africa Under-19s in 2012 and has been contracted to Eastern Province and has also played for franchise cricket for the Warriors.


Rohit Sankar is a freelance cricket journalist stuck in a love-hate live-in relationship with the game. To rile him up, mention the 1999 World Cup semi-final. Rohit has been writing about cricket for well over 10 years now, and has written for a variety of news and sports outlets over this time.

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