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Do you silently whip out your phone to glance at the score and chuckle a little if your team has the upper-hand in a crucial meeting? Do you schedule plans around important cricket games - as, well, missing out is not an option? Do you look to the sport to distract you from the mundane surroundings? Congratulations, you belong here, right with us!

We at know how obsessive and addictive the game might get. We believe you when you say cricket is life; an emotion that is just hard to describe. Run by aficionados like yourself, knows how important staying in touch with the happenings of the cricket world is, even when you are on the go. And, that is why we are here! To bring to you live updates and breaking cricket news even from the remotest part of the world. To get you up, close and personal with international and domestic stars as you get a sneak-peek into their lives and to take you back to the good old memory lanes as we relive the many memorable victories scripted over the years.

With extensive data, statistical analysis and match previews, you can be rest assured that the coverage leading up to a game will quench your thirst. With player performance reviews and opinionated features after the match, you can breathe in relief if your girlfriend refused to hand you the TV remote as your favourite team took the field.

With our vast coverage, where we bring you all the controversies and talking points - from Virat Kohli’s flick of the finger to David Warner’s ball tampering saga to Rohit Sharma’s jaw-dropping pull shot - you can finally bid FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) goodbye!