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Latest: The Podcast- Season 1

Welcome to ‘The Podcast’ with Sumedhh Bilgi.

This is a weekly show where we present to you the latest happening from the world of cricket; Get you closer to some of the most extraordinary minds will take us all beyond the technical and much closer to the many sides of the beautiful game.

We’ll talk about the finances, the sciences, the emotions, the euphoria and the stories that engulf cricket and make it much much more than just a sport.

Join in, every Saturday evening at 6PM IST to dive into your weekly fix of the news and some wonderful anecdotes and insights from the world of cricket.

AVAILABLE ON, Hubhopper, and all other major audio platforms.

The Podcast
Episode 1 – Insta v TikTok divide in cricket!; IPL economics explained ft Nandan Kamath

The Instagram v Tiktok divide in cricket!;

Is Navjot Singh Siddhu back?!;

Tonight’s Guest ft Sports Lawyer, Nandan Kamath explains ‘The flow of money in the IPL economy’


Episode 2- ‘WFH’ problems for the ICC & BCCI? ;The many layers to life at Mumbai Indians ft. Fielding Coach James Pamment


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